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  • How to Liven Up Your Outdoor Furniture with Weatherproof Accessories

    Yellow Budda HeadAccessorize Your Outdoor Space for Beauty and Relaxation

    Accessorizing your outdoor living space in a smart way will transform it into your private oasis of relaxation.  Here are the most important aspects to keep in mind when choosing accessories for your yard, patio, or balcony.

    The Foundation

    Every décor plan should start with a solid foundation. This
    will provide a base for the rest of the pieces without overwhelming
    the space. A rug is essential not only in defining a seating or dining area but also in an outdoor space. It instantly elevates the
    room, making it feel cozier and more welcoming. Whether you choose a solid color, a subtle pattern or a contemporary design for your rug, it will brighten up your living space and tie everything together. You can easily transform your outdoors into an extension of your indoor space. Outdoor rugs look and feel the same as interior rugs; however, they are specially designed to withstand the elements.
    Outdoor Rug from Surya

    Outdoor Rug

    The Color Palette

    You can achieve your desired mood for your space by playing with the color palette of your furniture and accessories. Choosing
    the same indoor colors for the outside space will create a seamless look, making the transition between the two spaces smoother.
    Outdoor furniture comes in a wide array of shades that will allow you to color coordinate it with your indoor pieces. If you’re unsure what to choose, you can reach out to our experienced staff via our online form, or you can visit a showroom near you.
    Outdoor Garden Stool

    Bright Garden Stool

    If you want to design a unique space, you can incorporate pops of bright colors. These add beautiful, contrasting accents that will
    express your personality. Look for throw pillows with intricate patterns that will stand out and make the space look more
    cheerful. Textured throws will also help you create a personalized look and allow you to play with contrasts. These throws are made with Sunbrella yarn so they are durable and easily cleaned. They not only look fantastic but area great way to keep warm on a cool night.

    Ambient Lighting

    Outdoor lighting has the power of emphasizing the best features
    of your outdoor space. This is one of the easiest ways to dress up an outdoor are a while having a very practical purpose. You can have table lamps or freestanding lamps, all you need is an outlet. These lamps have extra weatherproof protection for the bulbs and the cords. They use an outdoor fabric that can add a colorful pop to your outdoor space. Investing in weatherproof outdoor lights will revive any space, adding a glamorous and romantic touch.
    The secret to perfect ambient lighting is knowing what to highlight in your outdoor space, whether that’s the patio furniture or the trees and flowers. Use the right wattage in order to avoid glares or an overly bright yard. Pair the soft, warm glow of low wattage
    with a perfectly sized fixture to strike the right balance between proportions and light output.
    Outdoor Lighting from Surya

    An Outdoor Lamp

    Outdoor Entertaining

    To design a stylish outdoor living space without making it feel too pretentious, you can rely on high-quality acrylic glassware. This sets a casual tone for the space without sacrificing looks or quality. Acrylic tableware is durable and dishwasher safe. If you want to elevate your patio table without the risk of breaking expensive crystal glasses, crystalline acrylic serving pieces are the safest bet.
    You can pair melamine pieces with acrylic silverware, which has the same great advantages: a gorgeous finish and an elegant design. Polish off any outdoor living space and make it feel like a resort by adding the finishing touches: napkin holders, salad servers, champagne buckets, and wine coolers that vary in style and color in order to suit any design. For help choosing the right accessories for your outdoor living space, head to The Fire House Casual Living Store, and our knowledgeable staff will point you in the right direction.
  • What It Takes to Make Wicker Furniture

    Wicker furniture is some of the most classic yet effortless outdoor and indoor furniture around. With its intricate design, wicker furniture seems to be very difficult to create. Check out just how wicker furniture is made and how the weaves are created in order to make durable and reliable patio and casual living furniture.


  • Durable Wicker Furniture

    The durability of wicker furniture really comes down to the durability of the materials used to create it. When many people hear the word wicker, they generally think of natural, rattan wicker. However, wicker actually refers to the method of weaving used to create the iconic furniture and can be made from many different materials.

    Natural wicker furniture, which is best used indoors, is most commonly made out of an Asian grass called rattan. It can also be made of other materials like cane, bamboo, reed, or willow. When kept out of the elements and regularly cared for, natural wicker can last a long time. To maximize its lifespan, natural wicker should be kept dry, clean, and out of the sun.

    If you choose to use natural wicker outdoors, it should be protected from the elements as much as possible. Sun and heat will cause natural wicker to fade. Prolonged exposure can dry out the fibers causing them to weaken. On the other hand, moisture can get inside the woven fibers and cause mildew or rot. If moisture gets into the fibers and then freezes, it can split the fibers, making the furniture unsafe.


    When used outdoors, natural wicker should be kept in a dry, shaded area. To increase its lifespan, it should be covered when not in use and stored during harsh weather seasons.

    Synthetic materials have made long term outdoor use of wicker furniture much easier and less labor intensive. Aluminum and iron frames covered in beautifully woven resin, PVC, or vinyl stand up to the elements that would destroy natural wicker.

    Any cushions will still need to be cared for, but the base structure can be cleaned with a hose and some household cleaner. Even the best cared for furniture will eventually fade from use and exposure. If it is still structurally sound, it can generally be repainted using vinyl dye or paint designed for use on plastic. This can revitalize the furniture and give it an even longer life.

  • Types of Wicker Furniture

    Wicker is simply a woven material that has been formed into furniture. You may automatically think of the traditional plant-based wicker, but a lot of wicker furniture designed for outdoor use is actually made of metal.

    Outdoor Wicker Furniture

    If you want a distinctive, stylish, and long lasting choice for your outdoor furniture, resin wicker is a great choice. The top manufacturers produce the highest quality wicker possible that will last for years and stand up to all of the weather that comes your way.

    When shopping for outdoor wicker furniture, you want to look for durable, well designed furniture that will stand the test of time. You want furniture that won't rot or rust and that will resist fading. Look for outdoor wicker made from aluminum rather than steel. While steel is strong, it also tends to rust eventually.

    Whether you're putting your new furniture on a covered patio or in a full exposure area, you'll want the very best. Some of the top brands for outdoor wicker furniture are:

    • Island Collection

    • Braxton Culler

    • Whitecraft by Woodard

    Indoor Wicker Furniture

    Indoor wicker furniture can be a nice, casual alternative to full upholstery furniture. Most wicker furniture designed for indoor use is made of the Asian grass known as rattan. Rattan is light, durable, and flexible, making it a perfect material to be woven into furniture.

    Traditional indoor wicker is a great choice if you're looking for a green product. Since Rattan can be harvested without taking the whole plant and has a fast growth rate, it is a self-renewing resource. A few of the best indoor wicker furniture brands are:

    • Braxton Culler

    • South Sea Rattan

    Whether you're looking to furnish your deck, sunroom, or casual living room, wicker might be exactly what you're looking for.

    An added bonus to all of these wicker manufacturing companies is that they are all based right here in the U.S.A.!

  • Wicker as Your Go-To Patio Furniture

    Imagine this: You are setting up your patio for a barbecue you have been planning for weeks. You have the menu perfected, the music is foolproof, and your guest list is checked and double-checked. The last thing to take care of is your decorative seating. But what should you choose? You want something easy to move yet strong and sturdy. You don't want to have to worry about how it will hold up to the weather, but you also don't want to spend a fortune. If these aspects are important to you, then the solution is simple. Wicker furniture, especially resin wicker furniture, is the ideal option for your patio seating and furniture needs.

    Beautiful front porchComfort and Mood of Wicker

    The image wicker exudes is that of being casual and classy yet completely functional. Wicker's stable frame is great for any form of patio furniture, be it a chair, lounger, or an ottoman. This type of furniture works splendidly with cushions of various shapes and sizes, making it suitable for whatever your needs are.

    Aesthetic Appeal of Wicker

    Wicker furniture gives your setting a much more elevated look when compared to other materials like plastic. Available in a beautiful foundation of almost any color or pattern you require, wicker and resin wicker will really make your outdoor furniture stand out from the crowd. Regardless of whether you choose to go with wicker or resin wicker (which looks just like wicker but is a little more durable and requires a bit less maintenance), you can rest assured that your guests will be comfortable and you will be happy with your decision to employ this furniture in your outdoor space.

    Practical Appeal of Wicker

    If you are budget-conscious, wicker furniture is going to make you very pleased. Wicker is one of the least expensive forms of outdoor furniture while still maintaining a look and feel of elegance and sophistication. It is also easy to move, because it is so lightweight and durable. You won't have to worry about your guests not being able to personalize their seating arrangement with wicker furniture. This type of furniture is also very weather-resistant, especially if you opt for resin wicker. Because resin wicker is a synthetic material, it won't fray or crack like traditional wicker can if left out in harsh elements. But with just a tiny bit of effort, any type of wicker furniture can be used for years and years with amazing results and hundreds of unforgettable memories made.

  • The Perfect Sectional For Your Outdoor Space

    Summer is the perfect time to spend your days, afternoons, and evenings outside. While you could bring your camp chairs out from the garage or take a seat on some uncomfortable and weathered picnic tables, a better option is to accessorize your outdoor space with a gorgeous and relaxing patio sectional. This seating choice is the exact thing you need when spending a considerable amount of time outdoors. Depending on your personal style, you can choose between a variety of types of patio sectionals to implement in your outdoor decor.


    Cast patio sectionals are perfect for a more classic and traditional look to your outdoor decor. These beautifully crafted seating options let you enjoy the outdoors while still being comfortable. This durable and low maintenance sectional is available in almost any color and works well with or without cushions. Because cast furniture won't rust, you can enjoy this investment for years and years. Also, because this style of patio furniture is typically heavier than other types of outdoor furniture, you can rest assured that it will not be moved by the elements or fail to hold up to your family's use.


     If you are looking for a more modern ambiance for your outdoor space, you may consider casual aluminum sectionals. This option is easy to move and elegant to accessorize. Regardless of if you are lounging by yourself or with company, everyone will feel comfortable on an aluminum sectional. You also don't have to worry about it being unusable in a few years. Aluminum won't rust, making it the perfect solution for even humid or rainy climates. This lightweight material is also easy to move around the yard, lending itself to easy customization all throughout the summer months.


    Wicker patio sectionals will give your property a rustic beach feel. This type of seating is excellent for those seeking a casual yet polished design aesthetic. You can get wicker furniture in almost any color to match your current outdoor decor or to be showcased as the centerpiece of your beautiful backyard or patio space. Because of wicker's typically earthy look, it fits well into gardens or other areas surrounded by greenery. Going along with this green theme, many wicker sectionals are made from recycled materials, making them an environmentally friendly option as well.


    Implementing a wood sectional onto your patio helps give your space the natural energy many people crave for their properties. This easy to clean furniture is ideal for outdoor entertaining throughout spring, summer, and fall. With its strength, durability, and reliability to withstand all types of weather, a wood sectional may be just what you are looking for to complete your outdoor decor. And one more thing about wood patio sets: They are eco friendly—completely made from renewable resources!

    Wrought Iron

    Worried about your patio furniture blowing away in the wind or being too easily moved? With wrought iron sectionals, you can rest assured that this stable and sturdy furniture option won't be going anywhere. While this is probably going to be the most expensive option for patio furniture, it is also more sophisticated and ornate. Wrought iron pieces will instantly make your space look more refined. This timeless and beautiful option will not be a purchase you regret.

  • Bring Some Fun to Your Meals!

    Nothing beats a nice, wholesome dinner shared with your family members and those you truly care for. What can make this bonding time even more enjoyable is dining and chatting over dinner on your outdoor patio dining set.

    Especially in the summertime, take advantage of the warm nights and the feelings of relaxation and ease. Sit in the beautiful outdoors with your family and create memories that will last a lifetime. Depending on how large of a group you have gathered together for your meal, you will want to get a patio dining set to fit the whole party.

    Your comfortability is of the utmost importance when you purchase a patio dining set to bring your outdoor meals to life. Be sure to choose a type of patio furniture that would best suit you and your guest as well as match well with your current outdoor decor.


    Sling chairs have comfortable mesh material used to make the seating and back portions of the chairs. This type of seating option is very comfortable and gives a feel of being in a beach chair by the water. The aluminum framing will withstand all types of weather and be easy to move around all over your patio space. Sling is a great option for those looking for affordable patio furniture that will last for years.

    Cast Aluminum

    For a more classic and traditional look, you may want to opt for the cast aluminum furniture. This option is lightweight and durable, allowing you to retain these items for decades after purchase. When it comes to low maintenance patio furniture, cast aluminum might be your best choice. It is well made and doesn't require any special attention to last for a long time.

    Wrought Iron

    If you are seeking a more formal patio decor, wrought iron will be perfect for you. Its contemporary looks work great in any environment. However, be aware that this metal can easily get very hot and very cold. To safeguard against this, you may consider purchasing seating cushions along with your chairs. You will also want to be vigilant with how you care for this furniture to avoid problems with rust and corrosion.


    Wood will give your patio a natural, casual ambiance. This homey set can come in a wide variety of wood types, like teak, redwood, and cedar. If you want your wood patio set to last you a while, use oils and sealants to protect it against water and other harsh elements. One great perk to wood patio furniture is that is doesn't hold in the heat or cold the way that metals or plastics can.

    With the implementation of one of these beautiful patio sets and some lovely outdoor lighting, you'll never want to eat a meal inside again!

  • Hanamint Gas Fire Pits - New Introduction for 2014

    Finally, the wait is over! Hanamint, a leader in the cast aluminum patio furniture industry, has added gas fire pits to their line. I have to admit, gas fire pits are a dime a dozen today. I see them at the big box stores for less money than it cost me to go out for a movie and dinner. Of course, you get what you pay for. But even high quality gas fire pits are available to us from over 30 different sources, so what's the big deal about Hanamint? They have so many beautiful styles of patio furniture and many of those have been made for over a decade. We have customers every week who come into our store to add pieces to their Hanamint furniture. Now, they can have a matching gas fire pit that is durable, maintenance free and will look brand new for years and years. Even if you don't currently have their patio furniture, this gas fire pit is a great option.

    For the last 5 years or so, Hanamint has made wood burning fire pits that match several of their collections such as the Tuscany, Newport, St. Moritz, Mayfair, Chateau and Berkshire. Now, each of these collections has a matching gas fire pit as well. Wood burning is great, especially if you want to roast marshmallows with friends and family. But I will take the convenience of gas any day. Turn it on when you want and turn it off when you want. No mess and no fuss.

    To top it off, Hanamint has two styles of these new gas fire pits. One has an open base and one a closed base. The open base cost less, but it exposes your propane tank, which can be unsightly. The closed base (pictured below) hides everything, giving a more beautiful look to your deck or patio.

    Visit The Fire House to see how beautiful these are in person. We have two locations in Charlotte NC, with one in Raleigh and one in Greenville SC. We will give you the best service and the best price. Guaranteed!

    Introduced for the 2014 season by Hanamint.

    Introduced for the 2014 season by Hanamint.

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