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Hanamint, a leader in the outdoor furniture industry, specializes in cast aluminum products that will stand the test of time. Hanamint’s team of designers and craftsmen strive to create collections of outstanding quality and value. Cast aluminum is rust-free, extremely durable even in the harshest of weather conditions, and requires very little maintenance. Hanamint offers an assortment of styles that are sure to enhance any outdoor room, while expressing your distinct style. Whether dining or lounging, proudly entertain your family and friends with Hanamint cast aluminum furniture!

The Bella Collection creates a sophisticated style with intricate styling and elegant detail. While using Hanamint's hardy cast aluminum techniques, the Bella Set features quality and durability. With a variety of frame finishes and fabric choices, you can customize your Hanamint Bella Group to give your collection a personal accent.

The Bella Collection features European motifs and scrolled arms which evoke a European ambiance and charm. With ornate details and stunning beauty, Hanamint's Bella Collection is a perfect blend of modern craftsmanship and European styling. The Bella group is a complete line including: dining chair, swivel rocker, swivel barstool, bench, chaise, club chair, ottoman, loveseat, sofa ,and is readily available in the Desert Bronze and Cornerstone finishes.

The Berkshire Collection features elegant scrolled arms and criss-cross hatch patterns to create a charming look for your patio space. With the combination of Hanamint's 8-step powder-painted finishes, premium cast aluminum, and superior craftsmanship, the Berkshire Group is resilient and elegant. With modern techniques and classic details, the Berkshire set is a wonderful addition to your patio space.

The Berkshire Group by Hanamint is one of the newest collections distinguished with it's criss-cross hatch backing creates the perfect comfort and support for your patio set. The Berkshire Collection is readily available in the Desert Bronze finish. Choose from a variety of all-weather cushions to complete the Berkshire's charm and class.

Hanamint offers two bistro sets that can stand alone in a smaller area or create a beautiful seating area off to the side of any patio, porch or pergola These elegantly designed bistro sets are offered in two finishes. A glossy white finish for a clean crisp look and a golden bronze finish for a deep rich look. Hanamint's Bistro Sets are perfect for any wooded area as well as a front porch or a small balcony.

Choose from a vast array of Hanamint Chateau tables to add to your classic patio look or your outdoor space. Each Chateau table is designed with superior quality and durability to create the perfect addition to you Hanamint Outdoor Furniture Collection.

From hexagonal to rectangular, Hanamint's Chateau Tables have the styling flair for your patio set or space. Choose from Hanamint Chat tables, fire-pits, and dining tables to complete your patio look

The Grand Tuscany Collection, is Hanamint's signature series with classic Hanamint detail and styling, as well as featuring both durability and quality in this Grand Tuscany set. The Grand Tuscany group is designed to evoke a rustic charm and the Italian country-side with scrolled details and sophisticated back designs.

Utilizing lightweight cast aluminum techniques and superior craftsmanship,the Grand Tuscany Group is an excellent choice for style, comfort, and quality. Choose from a variety of Hanamint Furniture frame finishes and fabric options to create your individual look and feel. Hanamint's Grand Tuscany Collection will certainly transform your outdoor space. The Grand Tuscany collection is readily available in the desert bronze and black finishes.

The Hyde Park by Hanamint has a state of the art design. Clean lines and detailed backs make this collection very versatile for any outdoor room. The Hyde Park consists of dining, bar and deep seating pieces and can be accompanied by durable and comfortable seat cushions as well as thick, luxurious cushions in weather resistant Sunbrella fabrics. Call PatiosUSA today to learn more about Hanamint and high quality patio furniture.

The Hyde Park Sling by Hanamint has a very simple and delicate look and can be applied to any outdoor environment. The sling fabrics that Hanamint uses on the Hyde Park Sling collection are made of PVC which makes it very durable and user friendly. From dining to poolside relaxing, this grouping is sure to do the job. Available in a rich Terra Mist finish and a nice selection of luxurious sling fabrics, you will be sure to impress your guest as you are entertaining!

The Lancaster Collection by Hanamint has a style all of it's own. The cathedral like design in the back is repeated to add interest and eye appeal while the elegantly stylized curved arms add charm and character. Hanamint offers luxurious and rich Sunbrella fabrics for the plush Lancaster cushions. Relax and feel like you are in an English garden with this beautiful cast aluminum collection!

The Mayfair Collection by Hanamint offers a beautiful layered arched design to make a statement on any patio. The deep seating curved sectional can be purchased in sections in order to perfectly fit your outdoor living area. The Mayfair collection also offers a great selection of tables in dining as well as occasional. With it's dining chairs and occasional lounge chairs you can create a wonderful look for all types of outdoor entertaining.

The Newport Collection with elegant scrolled details and Hanamint's signature cast aluminum frame, is an excellent addition to your patio space. While featuring both quality and style, The Newport Group includes a durable lightweight frame designed to meet your comfort needs.

Hanamint's Newport group's main styling feature is the detailed criss-cross weave backing with a medium back height throughout the collection. This Newport group is comfortable, as well as stylish as this Hanamint collection has options for all-weather cushions. The Newport Collection comes readily available in the Black or Desert Bronze finishes.

Hanamint Sherwood Tables have a sleek transitional design that blends with any Hanamint collection. Sherwood Tables come in a variety of dining sizes as well as occasional. The sleek slat top on the Sherwood tables allows these table to be able to fit in any outdoor environment.

With delicate detail and lightweight durability, Hanamint's St. Augustine Collection is an excellent addition to your patio space. The St. Augustine Collection provides quality in it's cast aluminum frame, and customized finish options to give you a personal touch for this Hanamint Furniture Group.

St. Augustine collection is one of the most comfortable Hanamint collections as it is available in the deep-seating option. Hanamint's St. Augustine Group features the best of design, function, quality, and comfort. The St. Augustine collection is readily available in the desert bronze and fossil finishes.

The St. Augustine Sling Collection features the classic Hanamint cast aluminum frame while offering the comfort of a sling. From the detailed styling to the elegant scrolled arms, the St. Augustine Sling Set will add a sophisticated look to your patio. Durable, comfortable, and stylish! Hanamint works hard to design quality collections that will last year after year.

The St. Augustine Sling collection includes high back chairs for optimal comfort and support. This Hanamint St. Augustine Sling Patio Collection is perfect for a poolside, as the sling material dries quickly and doesn't require a cushion. This collection is available in the desert bronze and fossil finishes.

The Stratford Collection by Hanamint has a transitional design that allows it to flow with any outdoor environment. Whether you are looking for dining or comfortable deep seating the Stratford Collection will meet all of your entertaining needs. Durable, comfortable and stylish, Hanamint works to design a quality collection that lasts year after year. Avaiiable in a beautiful rich bronze finish called Terra Mist which blends with any outdoor pallet.

The Stratford Sling collection by Hanamint is great for any outdoor environment. Outdoor Sling furniture is very user friendly and easy to take care of. PVC vinyl is woven to create a durable area to sit that is easy to clean and comfortable. After it rains this PVC vinyl seating can be towel dried or will dry in the sun within minutes. Hanamint’s Stratford Sling collection is finished in a rich Terra Mist powder baked on finish that is also durable and rust free. You can’t go wrong with this transitional outdoor patio group.

The Tuscany Collection is one of Hanamint's best selling collections, featuring lightweight cast aluminum, and sculpted detail to add the perfect accents to Hanamint Furniture's Tuscany Group. With both comfort and quality, the Tuscany group is comfortable and stylish; while using Hanamint Outdoor Furniture techniques to give you the durability you need.

Hanamint's Tuscany group has both the comfort and detailed styling of the Grand Tuscany collection; however the Tuscany line has a smaller profile chair. With the same intricate details and scrolled arms, the Tuscany Collection has the Italian countryside charm and sophistication.

The Westfield collection by Hanamint has clean lines and a transitional look that can be used in any outdoor patio setting. Whether you are creating a dining area or a deep seating area for lounging and entertaining the Westfield is a great way to go! Barstools and counter stools are also available for a balcony height area. Westfield is finished in a rich Terra Mist finish and can be accompanied by cushions that are made up in just about any Sunbrella fabric.

A warm flame in the evenings makes for a perfect gathering place for family and friends. Why not gather around the flame for dinner and drinks? Hanamint Fire Pit Tables make it easy to do just that. Instantly create a backyard spot for fun and fellowship.

Hanamint offers a wonderful variety of accessories to accent each of their collections. The products include swings, console tables, trash receptacles, storage boxes and much more. The Accessories Collection by Hanamint allows you to finish off your outdoor living area with the flow of designs and finishes that Hanamint has created in every collection that they offer.

With a diverse range of fabric options, you will be able to customize any Hanamint collection you choose. Hanamint all-weather fabrics provide a pop of color or complement the neutral tones for a classic Hanamint look. There are many different options to choose for your fabric for your hanamint patio furniture collection.

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Personalize your Hanamint Furniture Collection today. Select from various Hanamint outdoor frame finishes to transform your patio or outdoor space, as well as design a look that will last year after year. Choose from the smooth golden bronze to classic black as well as Fossil, Desert Bronze. and Bourbon finishes to complete the look of your Hanamint Patio Furniture Collection.

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